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Compass Rose - Installation

Compass Rose

"It looks just like I envisioned it."
"I love the way the colors match every piece of pottery on my shelves.

Nancy Russell
Mermaids World - Installation

A Mermaids World

"I can't begin to express how enchanted I am with my Mermaid."
It is my favorvite feature in my new house."

Lesann Van Valkenburg
Mermaids World With Turtles - Installation

A Mermaids World W/Turtles

"Because each mural is created for you we can add variations."
Here our client asked for sea turtles."

Mermaids Mirror - Installation

A Mermaids Mirror

"Your tiles more than met my expectations,they are the inspiration for my day."
My 2 boys love them, even their teenage friends think they are awesome."

Karen Stoglund
New Jersey

Tiki Hut - Installation


Tiki Hut - Installation
This installation is part of a counter top in Tiki Hut gracing a canal in Florida. We customized the Mermaids by adding green high-lights to match the customer's forest green tiles.

Mermaids Installed On Counter Top

Mermaid 07

"The art work looks great and really adds a special touch; but it's tough to get a picture that captures the entire beauty of the mini-structure with the beautiful tile top."
Drew Freeman

Mermaid 02


Mermaids & Theme Tile - Installation

Mermaid 04

Theme Tiles

Mermaid 02

"Here are the pictures.
Everything turned out better than I ever dreamed."
Ken and Maria Basche
New Jersey

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