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Murals & Custom Work

"I just unwrapped the tiles and set them out. I can't tell you how pleased I am. They are even more beautiful than I envisioned!!!
I wish our new house was ready to install the mural but we will have to wait about 2 months until we are ready for finishing work. We will take some digital photos when the mural is installed and send them to you.
Once again, thank you so much. It was wonderful to work with you. You took my vision and made it come true!! You have wonderful talent and I wish you much success!!"

Lesann Van Valkenburg

"When I was searching the web for ceramic tiles for the bathroom and fireplace in my new home, I found your website and the tiles there. I think they're wonderful! The quality of the expressions on the women's faces are strong and serene and beautiful..."

Jannelle Durham

"I adore your style and use of colors. I can't tell you how long I searched for something that was creative and had your flavor. I had almost given up when I found your tiles on the internet. They are exactly what saw; but to see them face to face is a visual treat. I hope to purchase more in the future to compliment what I have. Best wishes in your endeavors and thanks for being so prompt..."

Valerie Dillard

"The tiles are wonderful. They arrived just when you said they would, and my tile guy was able to install them the next day..."

Pam Miller

"I couldn't be more satisfied"
Mark Harper

"We LOVE them! ... Even the tiler LOVED them!"
Marlane Wurzbach

"Marlene - It's really stunning. Perfect! You're so talented!! Yes, please go ahead. I can hardly wait to put it on my pool.I couldn't be more satisfied"
Nadia Aquino

Flower Speaks Deck

"Praises for the Flower Speak Deck & Book....
I just purchased this exraordinary set and I am so moved by the beauty, the depth and the loving thoughtfulness that composes this masterwork. My first reading was startlingly accurate and has given me such clear direction that I'm eager to continue working with it and to share it with others..."

Thank you so much,
Michele LaFlamme

"This is my first deck of cards and I felt It should be really special. When I opened the package and looked at each card and realized the time and work and research that went into each card; I knew it was something I could use in my skin care practice. Everyone who has viewed your cards has had the same amazing expression of joy, I had when when I first looked at your cards..."

Judith Palma
New Jersey

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